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FENIX Premium

The unique range of fertilizers to achieve equal nutrition of good turf areas.

This range contains 50 % of the total nitrogen quantity, in form of urea granules in the two-layer coat combining polymer membrane and poly-sulphur membrane, a special coat for the fertilizers’ long-lasting effect.

The range also emphasises a different ratio of basic nutrients according to different seasons of the year. The Premium fertilizer-range has an increased content of magnesium, compared to the Basic & Balanced product-ranges, giving the turf a lot richer green coloration. In addition, the Premium fertilizer-range is typical for its complex content of all basic nutrients: N, P, K, Mg, S. Another great advantage of the fertilizers in the Premium product range is its chloride-free nature. In fact, they don’t burden soil with chlorides and they minimise the risk of over-salting the ground. That’s why this range of fertilizers is the most suitable for really highly intensively fertilized playing areas or courses for turfs with insufficient drainage and on salted soils.

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