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The product range of FENIX fertilizers brings your turf just the nutrients it needs...

The product range of FENIX fertilizers brings your turf just the nutrients it needs. When developing FENIX fertilizers, we concentrated on the requests and knowledge coming from professional greenkeepers.

Equilibrated Granulation

Equilibrated fertilizer-granulation is important for the turf to be fertilized evenly. In fact, granulation directly influences quality appearance of the turf and uniformity of the turf area, which is the most important thing we expect from our turf and is what new FENIX fertilizers provides.

Fertilizers with Slow-Releasing Nitrogen

Professionals are interested in long-term and equal accessibility of nutrients. They don’t want all nitrogen to act at once. FENIX contains two different forms of controlled nitrogen-release, CRF and MU.

Controlled-Nitrogen Release with Different Content

There are fertilizers having 30 - 50 % of nitrogen with controlled release. You can apply FENIX with 30 % of CRF for the grass growth on light soils with nutritional deficiency, supplying a higher amount of nutrients to immediately fill the deficiency up. Regularly fertilized turfs, being in good condition, shall be treated with a fertilizer comprising 40 % or 50 % of nitrogen with controlled release.

Representation of all Important Nutrients

Do you want to fertilize your lawn turf for a whole year, using phosphorous fertilizers? Do you want to use the ratio of nutrients suitable for fast-growing newly-seeded areas? Or do you prefer higher potassium-content with your fertilizer? You will always find the answer in the FENIX product-range. FENIX fertilizers are based on the requirements of professional turf-growers and are designated for turfs. FENIX fertilizers contains magnesium, an important element for excellent appearance and a good health condition of your turf.


These fertilizers have been developed using the most recent theoretic knowledge acquired both in the research with experts in nutrition of plants and from practical experience of greenkeepers and lawn-installers. They are ideal for adequate fertilization planing.


  • A sufficient nitrogen ratio is in easily acceptable forms. That’s why turf growth has been significantly reacting already within one week since fertilization.
  • A part of nitrogen is in the form that starts to progressively act with some delay to provide for equal nutrition for some 2 - 3 months after applying the fertilizer.
  • The fertilizers are conceived (with their nutrients’ ratio) to respect different requirements of plants according to their growth and changeable conditions in different seasons of the year.
  • 4 applications have a similar effect like 14 applications of classical fertilizers.
  • It helps have abundant, strong, healthy, richly green turf.
  • They help reduce stress – summer dryness and drought, winter frost and chill.
  • The calibration of their granules ensures a much better equal application of the fertilizers.

Particularly for golf courses and their fairways, rough, grassy sporting playgrounds. We recommend its use for turfs requiring a high-quality growth state, permanent and equal growing with simultaneously decorative appearance.

One application provides for equal nutrition for a period of 2 - 3 months. This helps to choose a suitable fertilizer composition, according to current needs of the growth depending on the season of the year, climate conditions and the turf growth condition. There is a choice of fertilizers with controlled nitrogen release (Special, Premium) or gradual nitrogen release
(Balanced), happening either using a special two-layer coat combining polymer membrane and poly-sulphur membrane (Special, Premium) or chaining molecules of urea (Balanced). Those special forms will provide a prolonged time of the fertilizer effect.

Nitrogen is gradually-released for the needs of plants to minimise nitrogen loses when fertilizing The greatest advantage of those fertilizers is their ability of always choosing a suitable fertilizer composition. At the same time, just 3-4 applications are needed during the year to have equally growing turf. Compared to standard fertilizers, where you have to fertilizer your turf about 14 times a year. Contrary to fertilizers with a whole-year action, the ratio of nutrients can be gradually changed during the year according to the current status of your turf grown, soil conditions and especially in compliance with variable climate conditions (spring, summer, autumn). That’s why these fertilizers allow you to react to changing vegetation needs during the year. 

The fertilizers don’t contain nitrogen in the nitrate form (NO3-) to minimise nitrates being washed out of soil. Moreover, gradually releasing coated nitrogen allows for less frequent fertilization with simultaneously limiting its losses. Its granules are standard-calibrated to 2 - 3 mm. That very limited interval of the granule-size provides for the fertilizer to be applied much more equally.


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