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FENIX Balanced

A unique range of fertilizers using long-term effect of nitrogen incorporated in oligomers with different length, composed of chained urea molecules.

It’s designated for equilibrated basic nutrition of good turf areas.

This range differs from the Basic- and the Premium product-ranges because of containing 40 % of the total nitrogen quantity in the form of MU (chained urea). It is a fertilizer with gradually releasing nitrogen due to microbial activity in the ground. This will allow the fertilizer to have effect for a longer period of time.

The fertilizers in this product range contain phosphorus in special formulas suitable for all times of year for a more balanced supply of
phosphorus to plants. In addition, the Balanced product-range is also typical for its complex contents of all basic nutrients: N, P, K, Mg, S. Another advantage of the Balanced fertilizer-range consists of its reduced content of chlorides to minimise the risk of over-salting soil with ballast chlorides.

The MU nitrogen-form is just little mobile in the ground so washing nitrogen out of soil is really limited even in highly permeable sandy soils of playing areas or courses.

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