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FENIX Premium Autumn 13-00-26+3MgO

FENIX Premium Autumn 13-00-26+3MgO

FENIX Premium Autumn fertilizer is designed for preparations of a turf before a period of stress and for an early autumn application in order to ensure a long-term effect during autumn and winter.

Bases of the long-term effect of fertilization are high content of nutrients and gradually releasing nitrogen. FENIX Premium range of products is designed for regularly fertilized turfs that are expected to be good-looking. Higher content of magnesium and its chloride-free nature make FENIX Premium one of the best turf fertilizers.

  • Application rate: 25 – 35 g/m2
  • Application: August - October
  • Granule size: 2 – 3 mm
  • Bag size: 20 kg

Fertilizers NK (Mg) 13-26 (+3MgO) mixed fertilizer, with a low chlorine-content

13 % N Total nitrogen
2,1 % N-NH4 Ammonia nitrogen
10,9 % N-NH2 Urea nitrogen
26 % K2O Potassium oxide, water-soluble (= 21,6 % K Potassium)

3 % MgO Magnesium oxide, water-soluble (= 1,8 % Mg Magnesium)