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AGRO CS is a solely Czech company, established in 1992. At that time, it continued in the activities of Agropodnik Česká Skalice that had provided farmers with stocking and applying fertilisers and with consulting services in that field of activity. For its further development in the upcoming years, AGRO CS used that professional experience and knowledge and extended its activity portfolio in 1994 with producing substrates and retail fertilisers. It’s been systematically spreading its business to currently become one of the leading producers of substrates, fertilisers and grass seeds in Central and Eastern Europe.

At present, there are 240 employees in the AGRO CS parent company, having more than 400 employees including all its daughter companies, doing business in Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary and Rumania. The company’s turnover exceeds the amount of CZK 1.5 billion in the Czech market (58 million €).

The “AGRO CS a.s.” company’s activities being split up into four divisions:

Garden Division

Producing and supplying substrates, fertilizers, grass seed mixtures and turf grass, decorative materials, phytosanitary preparations and other gardening goods for both hobby and professional markets. The division’s sphere of activity reaches the whole Central and Eastern Europe. It’s got exclusive representation for hobby packaging of Kristalon fertilizers.

Engineering Division

Supplying processing lines for stocking, separating, mixing and stocking-out industrial fertilisers and substrates; bag- and big-bag filling machines; operating a petrol station; distributing AdBlue and packaging for bulk materials.

Agricultural Services Division

Supplying fertilisers, with providing complex services to farmers and distributors in the Czech Republic; using its laboratory accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation (ČIA) for offering and providing consulting, taking samples, making chemical and microbiological analyses of soil, fertilisers, sludge, feedstuff, fruit and vegetables, etc.

Bioenergy Division

Operating a biogas station with a capacity of 1.4MW in the outskirts of the municipality of Jaroměř, with a relating composting plant. Both the facilities process raw materials of vegetal origin – making electricity and heat to supply the heat-generating system of the town of Jaroměř. In addition, it makes certified compost from the composting plant for farming purposes. The division also operates a water power plants on the Úpa River, namely using its production and logistic centre AGRO CS in “V Lukách”.

The “AGRO CS a.s.” company is the majority owner in some other companies:

ABEX Substráty a.s., AGROPODNIK ORLICE a.s.; AGRO CS Slovakia a.s.; AGRO CS HUNGARY Kft; AGRO CS Poland Sp. z.o.o.; AGRO UKRAINE WEST; AGRO CS Ukraine; AGRO Romania.

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