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FENIX Pro 20-5-8+2MgO+TE

FENIX Pro 20-5-8+2MgO

The unique range of fertilizers with top ingrediences and composition just for the need of highest standard lawn.

This fertilizer contains high amount of controlled and slow release Nitrogen in special blend.

Controlled relase is achieved with urea granules with two layer coating poly-sulphur membrane. Slow release Nitrogen is in the form of Methylene urea. Higher proportion of this forms is used for long lasting effect even in higher temperature conditions. Remaining part of Nitrogen is avalable for immediate accessable nitrogen for fast green-up. It is made for professional use, and for all kind of turf.

There is added volume of trace elements, composed to meet the need of the grass also with low chlorid to avoid salinity of soils.

Fenix Pro has also smaller granulation, in this case 1,0 - 2,2 mm, to fit perfectly also with low moving grasses.

  • Application rate: 20 – 35 g/m2
  • Application: March - September
  • Granule size: 1 – 2,2 mm
  • Bag size: 20 kg

NPK (Mg,S) fertilizer containing formaldehyde 20-5-8 (+2MgO+16 SO3), blend, low in chloride

20 % N Total nitrogen

7 % N-NH4 Ammoniacal nitrogen
8 % N-NH2 Urea nitrogen
5 % Nitrogen from urea formaldehyde
1,9 % Nitrogen from urea formaldehyde that is only soluble in hot water
2,6 % Nitrogen from urea formaldehyde that is soluble in cold water

5 % P2O5 Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and in water (= 2,2 % P Phosphorus)
4,5 % P2O5 Phosphorus pentoxide water-soluble (= 1,9 % P Phosphorus)
8 % K2O Potassium oxide, water-soluble (= 6,6 % K Potassium)

2 % MgO Magnesium oxide, water-soluble (= 1,2 % Mg Magnesium)
16 % SO3 Sulphur trioxide water soluble