Upravit stránku


Basic product range of the fertilizers designated to provide good turf growths with equal nutrition.

This range is typical for its content of nitrogen being composed of 30 % (Basic Pre-seed 40 %) of the whole nitrogen quantity, in the form of urea granules, having a 2-layer coat consisting of a combination of polymer membrane and poly-sulphur membrane – a special coating providing a long-term effect of the fertilizer.

This range emphasises a different ratio of basic nutrients according to the season. The Basic range contains magnesium for your turf’s richly green colour. In addition, the Basic range is typical for its complex contents of all basic nutrients: N, P, K, Mg, S.

Another advantage is that the fertilizers have a reduced content of chlorides to consequently reduce the risk of soil over-salting with ballast chlorides. This range of fertilizers is the most suitable for turfs with sandy, really easily permeable soil and well-working drainage and for less-intensively grown turfs. The fertilizers don’t contain any nitrate-type nitrogen to minimise nitrates being washed out of the ground.